Used to flavor everything from salads and pizza to martinis and pasta - the olive is essential to Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Green olives are picked while unripe, black and brown olives are left on the tree until they are ripe. All olives must be cured before they can be eaten, and there are several curing methods. Olives are then preserved in a vinegar, olive oil, or brine solution.

A good olive should be firm - not pulpy or mushy. Its flavor should not be overwhelmed by the brine or curing. An olive's taste should capture and impart the fresh aroma of its tree. Typical shelf life is a year. Do not worry about particles in the brine as this is normal. Olives do not need to be refrigerated – as with many foods - being served at room temperature enhances the olive’s natural flavors.

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Greek Black

Pitted Kalamata

Pitted Green


Green Oval


Black, Green Cerignola

Greek Cracked Sicilian

Green Pitted Sicilian


Jalapeno, Garlic or
Almond Stuffed


Black Green Provence

Pitted Provence



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