We have over 15 years of experience in the production and distribution of domestic and imported cheeses – From mild Provolone to sharp Greek Feta; our selection of quality cheese is among the finest in the world. International Foods can provide quantity and packaging needs for distributors, restaurants, retailers, and consumers. As with all of our product lines, please contact us to see how we can best meet your needs.

Imported Greek Kasseri

Imported Feta

Domestic Feta


Domestic Greek Feta

The most famous of the traditional Greek cheeses, Feta is a white, soft cheese, which is ripened, salted, and then kept in a brine solution. It has a distinctive, tangy, and somewhat salty taste. It is often crumbled over salads, consumed as a table cheese, and used in cooking. Our domestic Feta is a bit less tangy and salty then imported Feta. Please contact us for pricing.

Imported Greek Kasseri

This milder tasting cheese is made from sheep’s milk or a sheep/goat’s milk blend. It is a semi-hard cheese, with a golden color and springy texture -similar to that of cheddar. Because it retains a solid form when heated, it is often used in the Greek dish Saganaki – fried in butter, sprinkled with lemon, and served hot at the table. International Foods represents only the finest Kasseri cheeses. Please contact us for the latest pricing.

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